Does your house need a thorough clean? The Cleaners will make sure your home is sparkling clean.

We can come in regularly to keep things in order, or simply come in for a thorough spring clean or to get things shipshape after a party.

Experienced Domestic Cleaners

Whether you’re after a regular cleaner or simply a one-off tidy-up, we can provide a quality-assured service that’s guaranteed to leave your home sparkling clean. Our professional team of experienced cleaners have been offering domestic cleaning services since 2002; supplying our happy Auckland clients with clean homes at a consistently high standard.

A Family Business Run with Pride

As a family-owned and operated business we thrive on our close-knit team of experts with a heavy emphasis on communication and responsibility. Our workers take pride in their work and our company so you can be sure each individual job will satisfy your needs and reflect our business in the best way.

Your Unique Needs Satisfied

We understand every home and every client’s needs are unique and specific. When you invest in the home cleaning services we offer, you’re trusting a professional that can provide you with the solutions you need to get your home looking fantastic. From carpets and flooring, to walls and doors, we promise customer satisfaction from every job we take on.

The Leading Services We Offer

Whether you simply can’t find enough time in the day for household chores, you’re moving, you need a thorough spring-clean or your carpets are looking dull and tired – The Cleaners are here to get your home looking as best as it can. We work to a specifically high-standard, so no matter the type of house you have, you can be sure our services remain consistently great. Through our expert care you can trust your home will be taken care of.

Quality Work You Can Trust

It’s important when letting a person into your home that you trust them around your possessions and family. We take this responsibility very seriously, which is why all members of our company are properly vetted with the necessary background checks and experience checked out properly. You can rest assured all our workers are trustworthy, professional and great at what they do. We only provide top quality house cleaning at a competitive price to our clients, which is why we’re one of the leading domestic cleaning companies in New Zealand.


Our Method

Once you’ve completed the form for a free quote, we’ll contact you with further details of what we can offer you. One of our friendly team members will meet with you so you can let us know exactly what you need from us. As mentioned, we place a lot of importance on communication; this way you’ll always get exactly what you need from our services.

Our reach includes both West Auckland and the North Shore, so once we’ve discussed your particular wants and needs you’ll be provided with a fantastic cleaning service at a superb price. Our work can be as thorough as you specify, with a fast, effective and responsive approach, our workers are well equipped to clean your home top to bottom – if that’s what you want.

We offer a variety of services that range from homes to commercial properties and even industrial settings, so our cleaners are prepared to undertake huge range jobs as our clients require. We take an immense amount of pride in our team, so we always ensure they’re more than prepared for each and every job. Working with the best equipment and experience, The Cleaners are guaranteed to leave your home beautifully clean.

In the cleaning industry, professionalism, hard-work and efficiency are key in the success of a task. We’ve been able to secure our position as one of the leading providers of professional domestic cleaners through our dedication to thorough and responsible cleaning services in the Auckland area.

Contact Us

You can trust our team to provide your home with what it needs to be clean and tidy. Get in contact with us today to discuss your options and how we can provide you with the best solutions. Our team are flexible and accommodating to your schedule. We understand that every client is different and you know your home best. Starting with our free quote service, relying on our team will be the start of a satisfactory journey to a clean home environment.

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