Needing someone reliable and trustworthy to keep your office clean? The Cleaners will make sure your office is a neat and pleasant environment for your staff.
Our security cleared staff will come clean your office regularly, at a time that doesn’t disrupt your work. Your information and possessions are perfectly safe with our professional cleaners.

Our Commitment to Cleanliness

Here at The Cleaners we’ve been helping businesses keep their workplaces clean and tidy for almost two decades. Through a team of highly professional expert cleaners, we’ve worked hard to build a large recurrent client base in the Auckland area. We take our role seriously, bringing spotless services to organisations at a time that suits them.

An Office Place Your Employees will be Proud of

We understand the importance of productivity in a workplace; a messy or disorganised environment can negatively impact progress, directly influence workers frames of mind and affect their personal health. When you employ our team members, you know you’re taking the best steps to provide your people with a healthy, clean space to work hard at what they do.

Cleaners You Can Trust

Our security cleared staff will come clean your office regularly, at a time that doesn’t disrupt your work. All our employees are thoroughly screened and vetted for, so you can trust your information and possessions are perfectly safe with our professional cleaners. As a family-owned and operated business we work closely to ensure all our staff members are well-equipped and prepared to undertake any task they’re contracted to.

We Work to the Highest Standards

We only work with the best materials and methods to provide leading cleaning services to commercial environments in Auckland. In a space where a lot of people interact daily, it’s important to ensure that surfaces and furniture are maintained properly to ensure hygiene is maintained and sickness outbreaks don’t occur.

It’s a legal requirement of businesses to provide a clean space for employees to work in. A dirty workplace is often one of the reasons people leave their jobs. It opens people up to sickness and generally lowers office productivity. Through employing our services you can be sure you’re offering your workers the best environment to enjoy their jobs.

Customised Cleaning Options to Suit Your Business

If you’re the type of business that meets with clients regularly in your office place you want to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward. First impressions matter and that’s why it’s essential to ensure your meeting spaces are presented well, to put you in the best position to do your job.

With a specialised focus on commercial cleaning, we’re here to help you keep your space clean and tidy daily, weekly or whenever you require. Our workers are prepared to satisfy the unique environment your commercial space may require. From carpet cleaning, to windows, surfaces and general waste reduction our team members offer fantastic solutions to your cleanliness concerns.

Leading Commercial Cleaning Providers in Auckland

Our leading position in the commercial cleaning industry comes from our willingness to work to our clients’ needs and specifications. From the beginning, we offer a free quote service that’s geared towards transparency of costs and learning what you expect from our team members. Our packages are incredibly flexible and tailored to your needs, so if you’re a small business that doesn’t require daily cleaning we’ll work around what you’re looking for from a cleaning company. In the same way, if you run a large organisation that needs a lot of attention, we’re able to commit to your requirements.

Our experienced team covers the North Shore and West Auckland, coming to you when you need us – night or day. Our effort is to do the best job, while causing as little disruption as possible. We work across a wide range of environments; commercial, domestic and industrial. All our employees are consistently ready to achieve our client’s expectations, providing clean environments to a huge range of organisations. Beginning a fantastic business relationship with The Cleaners is a sure way to put your business in the perfect position to promote success.

Contact us to truly experience the benefits of a leading commercial cleaner. Shown through our great feedback and consistent customer retention, we’re confident we can provide a specifically tailored cleaning service to your company. Get in touch today and take advantage of our free quote offer; we’ll get back to you quickly so you can feel the benefits of a clean and tidy organisation as soon as possible.

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