Need your school clean and tidy so you can concentrate on education? The Cleaners will keep your school looking great.
Contract cleaning for schools is a special focus area at The Cleaners. We are regular contract cleaners for a growing number of schools in the Auckland region. In the many years we’ve been doing this, every single school that has contracted The Cleaners still uses us!

One of Our Many Specialties

Here at The Cleaners we’ve been offering school cleaning services since 2002, delivering our expertise with a professional approach to ensure our customers satisfaction. For immaculate school cleaning on the North Shore and West Auckland, contact our highly experienced team for a fantastic service you can rely on.

We Keep Your School Clean and Tidy so You Can Concentrate on Education

Contract cleaning for schools is a special focus area at The Cleaners; we regularly work with a growing number of schools in the Auckland region. In the many years we’ve been doing this, every single school that has contracted us has remained our client, so it’s obvious our services are reliable, trusted and perfect for the education sector.

We’re a family-run business, so we operate with a focus on communication and an exceptional work ethic. Our team take pride in their work and our company, so you can be sure each individual job will satisfy your needs and reflect our business in the best way.

Servicing Schools the Right Way

Every client we work with is different, so we take on each job with a fresh set of eyes. You have your expectations from a contract cleaner and we make it our responsibility to fulfil these requirements. Through working with one of our team members you can trust your school will be cleaned in the way you want, as regularly as you want and at the time you specify.

It’s important to keep a learning environment clean and distraction free for students and teachers. With our experience and care, we can ensure your school is appealing and healthy to promote the best conditions for education.

The Best School Contract Cleaning

Areas with a lot of daily foot traffic and activity can get extremely dirty with litter and other unsanitary items that negatively impact the overall appearance of the environment. Extra cleaning and monitoring of these can be extremely time-consuming and stressful for staff.

Trusting our services is the perfect way to remove these responsibilities from your employees’ hands, allowing teachers to focus more on teaching and students to be more attentive in their learning.

Trusted Cleaning Services

When you let contractors into a school space you need to be sure you can trust their actions will always be appropriate. Every one of our employees is screened and vetted for appropriately, giving you assurance that your students, staff and equipment remain safe. We have only ever provided the best standard of cleaning to our clients, so you know you’re receiving the best service on the market.

Our Method

Take advantage of our free quote service to see our extremely competitive pricing on offer. During this stage you can specify exactly what you want from us and we can discuss the services we offer in full. This process will give you confidence your schools cleanliness is in the best hands.

We’re happy to work with schools on the North Shore and in the West Auckland area. Once we’ve got the details of what you need from us, you’ll be able to start receiving leading cleaning solutions to your school as regularly as required. Our work is fast and effective, with expert knowledge geared towards a thorough job each and every time.

We work across a wide range of environments, from industrial settings to homes so our experienced workers are well-equipped to handle many different challenges. Our business thrives on our cleaner’s expertise so we take huge pride in their capable abilities. We know every employee we send to a job is very prepared to perform the tasks they take on. Working with The Cleaners is the best way to guarantee your school is maintained properly and kept looking its best.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us today to receive the benefits of a professional regular cleaner in your school. A positive and clean environment is one of the most important things you can offer students and staff during the education process. We’re confident we can offer a suitable service to fit any organisation and with our free quote service on offer, you really have nothing to lose!

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